Eat moisture-rich foods

When the mouth is dry it is more difficult to chew and swallow what you eat. To avoid that food compacts in your mouth it is important to add moisture to help with chewing and swallowing. Here are some tips and recipes to try:

  • Avoid hard and dry foods. Choose soft and moist foods.


  • Try slow cooker recipes, meat stews, casseroles, soup meals.


  • Add milk, cream, broth, sauce, yogurt, compote, maple syrup to foods to soften them.


  • Try cooked cereals: cream of wheat, pablum, hot or cold oatmeal.


  • Serve the spongy French toast with greek yogurt, syrup or fruit compote.


  • Instead of rice, try risotto.


  • Give preference to soft and moist muffin recipes. Serve the muffins warm drizzled with 15%, 35% or English cream.


  • Serve pasta with a double portion of sauce.


  • Eat fruits that contain more water such as watermelon, ripe cantaloupe, grapes, and canned fruits.


  • Try cottage, ricotta or quark cheese which have a higher moisture content.



Note for Braised beef: Do not use pepper if you have ulcer or pain