Avoid irritating foods

Crunchy or rough textured foods as well as acidic and spicy foods can irritate your mouth and throat even more, resulting in more pain. If you have a sore mouth/throat, try to avoid foods such as:

  • Dry, tough breads (e.g. toast)


  • Rough, dry cereals such as granola


  • Fried foods such as fried chicken, battered fish, etc.


  • Tough, dry meat


  • Raw vegetables and hard fruits (e.g. apples)


  • Chips, pretzels, crackers


  • Nuts, seeds, peanuts (try nut butter or ground seeds, nuts, peanuts instead)


  • Popcorn


  • Citrus fruits (orange, lemon, lime, etc.)


  • Tomato sauces


  • Vinegar, pickled food


  • Spices such as pepper and chili-based spices


  • Hot sauce


  • BBQ sauce


  • Caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, cocoa)


  • Very hot or very cold beverages or food, try warm or at room temperature instead